Thursday, September 6, 2012

Deep Thougths And Desires

My arms are empty, my prayers still rise,
My heart hopeful, my soul searching, waiting,
I raise my eyes tword heaven, my heart heavy
My desire I make known, my arms are vacant,
My eyes wet with tears, my barren womb , I cry ,
My prayers lay at the door unawered,
My desires still held high, my faith a strong hold,
My soul, my heart, my empty arms , I pray,
I cry out to the Lord God , to accept his answer,
His desire for me ,his presence in my soul,

Just more thougths on my writings.

Monday, July 18, 2011

  I  am  sitting  here thinking
  It's  been  a long hard  day .
  I  was  up  at 4:30 am.
  Coffee , started my  day.
   I love  my  flavored coffee.
   Chocolate my best, with my
    french vanilla creamer & milk.
    working 7 am - 3:15 pm.
    coming  home relaxing ,
     a quite even with my hubby.
     a good adventure movie ,
     sandwich chips green tea,
     me a bowl of cereal , water.
     now its time for bed ,tomorrow
     brings another day, & I am off work .
     I told U I am tired, I need sleep :D
    Tomorrow is another day, to play..

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Distant Memory

  I was a warm day that day , probley a late spring day. I wasn't
  alone, my little sister was in her bassent sitting on the steps.
  Mommy was walking down the road, going to the store. She
  told daddy to watch the girls, I was screaming at mommy ! I
  wanted to go too. In my distant meory I recall that I see myself,
  sitting on the front steps ,with my arms out streatched, reaching,
  calling out as my mommy was walking up the hill, away from
  my sight. I remeber that so clearly, I was two yrs old. My sis,
  was a new baby . I recall the sun refelicting in my eyes as my
  mommy  was walking. Daddy in the back ground  making sure
  I didn't get up & run after her. 
                           P.S. back then it was hard for me to walk !

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Journal log Thursday 24 March

To day is Thursday March 24 . I did not work to day, . I was off again
 I don't like this arrangement of work !! It sucks !! & I am not getting paid!
I replied for my unemploement & it will take about 3 to 4 weeks to even get my first check . I made a great pot of potato soup & we all enjoyed it. Jim's
mother came over & she ate some with us,she had dessert . It turned out to
be a beautifull cool day. I had to close all the open windows. Jim & I took
the dogs for a walk. We went around the long way. My day wore on, I cleaned the kitchen, & took a nap. Supper was great for Jim < for me well
I could of done better ! I made meat loft , mash potatoes, gravey, & steamed
mix  veg, tea to drink. buttered bread. it all tasted great.  Now I am watching
happy days, & then the news . MY DAY WAS ...... JUST ANOTHER DAY. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Angery & Ticked off !!

Hasn't it ever  acured { !!! } I couldn't find the right spelling !
 I mean to say like ( come to mind ) . That when U are doing something really important , The pc goes out, the show U were watching gets interrupted, ur
dinner gets interrupted by unwanted guest, or a door to door saleman ect.ect.
the project u were working on gets trashed by one of your kids, or ur dinner gets burned , cause of a error, ur work day gets zaped cause of no work, & they send u home early , or they mess up ur day by ticking u off .

Am I angery !! dobble hockey sticks I sure am !! I can't get the inter net to work It goes out from 7 pm - 12 am . It just will not let me on . as for the
other stuff that is all made up. I had a great supper made tonight.
I got to work to day for only 4  hrs. I am off tomorrow .
I wonder whats with the company I work for. the hrs R being cut so much
I can't make it at all. thats the only  beef  I have tonight. GOOD NIGHT OR SHOULD I SAY GOOD MORNING ,.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Journal log, 3 / 15 / 2011

What a week so far , I did get to work today WOOHOO !!
I had a hard time getting to sleep last night.
My mind just would not SHUT UP !! It kept me awake,
by going over the things I did eariler to day on how to
get my writing on this blog working. I gathered a few of
my poems, & two stories, to write down.I am learning how
to blog my writings, poems, & stories on this page.Lets
see how this will work.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Paula's Choice

Pressing heavily upon my heart,
Thoughts of what to do.
What to be, where to stand.
I am here, O Lord.
I stood at a crossroad
Seeking which path to take.
It's not a fork;
But many crooked trails and turns.
Growing up was hard
As a young girl at ten.
I made a choice
I shout to be heard.
I didn't grow as I should.
Too many interruptions broke my path.
God's hand upon my life;
God's Word directing my steps.
A young girl out alone,
God's hand always surrounding me;
Fragile in the world's way of life.
Growing stronger in God's Truth.
Leaving behind a worldly character.
Taking little steps towards the Light;
Yet, still a child, she holds a human nature.
A nature battling good and evil.
A compassionate heart for others around her.
A concerned soul to learn more.
Hands that are willing to work;
Feet that are willing to run the race;
Her abilities are limited;
Her talents are few.
A prayer warrior in time of need,
A woman all grown up.
Still following life's chosen path.

Written by Paula Ann Wood
Summer of 1985

God's Gift

Flesh covered in darkness
Surrounded by evil,
There is a place;
For which I long.
Time is but a vapor
To the One who's Truth.
A shelter amidst the storm
A shelter from one's fears;
The depths of one's heart;
Exposes a dirty house.
The soul longs for peace;
A place away from time;
A place of honour,
A place of truth,
A place of loyalty.
Darkness disguises peace.
Darkness distorts your fears.
Darkness replaces hope with despair.
Fiery darts pierce the soul;
The Spirit convicts.
The heart cries out
Accepting the gift of God's Son, Jesus Christ.

Written by Paula Ann Douglas Wood

Chosen Just For You

He knew the heart's longing;
Chosen to become more like him,
He knew that Godly desire;
Chosen among a crowd of followers,
He knew whom would answer his call,
Seeded in the depths of your heart,
He knew your dedication;  your abilities,
Your ambition to serve Him.
Chosen from a world filled with darkness
He knew of life's harshness to come;
Times when dark clouds threaten your abilities,
Times when despair seeps into your soul,
Times of dismay, confusion, and strife.
He knew the soul of His chosen one.
The times upon your knees in prayer,
The sorrows, the hurts, the joys He knows.
He knew His will would be fulfilled.
Chosen just for you
He knew His Word would be shared.
Chosen by His hand,
His work to be completed,
You listen, you obey, you hear.
He knew the chosen ones heart
Of the path you would follow.

Written by Paula Ann Wood
July 1986

A Precious Moment

Installed from youth
A daddy's wisdom
Upon a baby's brow
A mother's soft kiss
Moistened eyes
Of a daddy's love
Precious cargo from above
Filled with awe, and wander
They touch his soul with consuming love.
Cuddled close to mother's heart
Singing softly whispers of love
A daddy's devotion
A daddy's hold
A powerful love
Fills his heart
Precious cargo from heaven above
Holding them tight
Lifting them high
Keeping his family
Near his side
Both man and wife
Beaming, filled with joy
Taking home two new boys!

Written late December 2010
by Paula Ann Douglas Wood

A Complaining Spirit Can Get You Into Trouble

Out west, a cowboy was driving down a dirt road, his dog riding in back of the pickup truck, his faithful house in the trailer behind. He failed to negotiate a curve and had a terrible accident.

Sometime later, a highway patrol officer came on the scene.  An animal lover, he saw the horse first.  Realizing the serious nature of its injuries, he drew his service revolver and put the animal out of his misery. He walded around the accident and found the dog, also hurt critically. He couldn't bear to hear it whine in pain, so he ended  the dog's suffering as well.

Finally, he located the cowboy, who suffered multiple fractures, off in the weeds.  "Hey, are you okay?" the cop asked.  The cowboy took one look at the smoking revolver in the trooper's hand and quickly replied, "Never felt better!"

~taken from my church bulletin

Miracle in a Blizzard

The snow was falling softly and feathery
I walked in silence; the whiteness surrounded me.
Cold! Cold! Wind blowing hard:
I put my hand out and couldn't see
Turning backwards my steps disappearing
Snow blurred my vision
My tears like ice, my skin shivered sharply,
Cold wind blew; Icy snow flew in all directions.
Walking became tiresome, I knew not to stop.
My steps slowed, lost in a winter blizzard.
Looking up in the white blurred sky;
I ask God to help me go home.
A short distance away, a little green figure
Was walking towards me
I asked her if she had anymore cookies in her box
She said, "No", and took me to her home.
Her momma game me a blanket to wrap up in,
And a cup of cocoa to drink.
Her daddy on the couch was watching tv,
The storm raged on
I didn't know my phone number.
I told only my name.
She asked me, "Where do you live"?
I replied, "I live over the hill and through the woods
Along the road by a field of strawberries".
The storm raged on
The cold wind blew
White, white, everywhere it was white.
A little girl lost
Shaking my small fist in the air
Asking God if He cared.
Walking slowly, I knocked on my door
Mother grabbed me, held me tight,
Asked a question I could not answer.
It was well past midnight, all was quiet.
Mother is calm.
The night sky filled with twinkling stars.

(This is a true story that happened to me at age six.)
The miracle, How did I get home? (the house that the little girl led me to turned out to be an empty block where no one lived??)

Yes, I was six. I remember this well. I remember also, just how bad a blizzard can be. How I survived could only be that God really did care.

People, girls, & ladies

I see other people looking beautiful.
I see girls,ladies, women of fame.
I am not beauitful; I am considered plain.
Songs, music, and art,
Soars within my heart.
My eyes sees what others don't.
My heart cries out,
Tears fall unnoticed.
I see people all around,
I am different, I feel alone.
Where am I ? Who am I ?
Just one of the few people,
In this world unnoticed.

( Just another person typing )
       on F.B.

Saying Goodbye Is Hard To Do

Silently, I cry as I am thinking of Jim.
He had to say goodbye to his dad this week.
It has been a long and hard week for the family.
Three weeks stay in the hospital.
He passed away Wednesday, March 2, 2011.
Family, friends and neighbors gathered
together, Sunday, March 6th for the funeral.

It was a cold and windy day
Few people stayed to hear the last words spoken:
Flowers waiting to be arranged,
Saying goodbye is hard to do.
Silently, the tears shout to be released
An echo of a trumpet, as taps is played;
Salutes another soldier as he is layed to rest.
As the last notes fall, eyes are misted, hearts are heavy.
A wife quietly sits by her two sons.
Saying goodbye is hard to do,
With the last of farewells
The wind wispers, a silent goodbye...

Goodbye (Bill) James Logan Wood
We will all miss your presence.

Written by Paula Ann Woods
 Monday, March 7, 2011

How God Built a Bridge

How did God build a bridge?
A bridge for you and me

He sent His Son
Where no sin was found
Born of a virgin
He used a cross
And three large nails
He gave His life
To set us free
He died and shed
His blood for you and me
He shed His blood
For all humanity
That is how
He built a bridge
Of His love
To set us free

Written September 15, 2010

Jesus' Love Never Fails

Jesus' love never fails you;
He is there sharing the valleys 

As well as the mountain tops.
It is the valleys where
We learn His teachings most
Of what He wants to share.
Listen, look up, believe.
He is there among the darkness,
Waiting for His child's believing faith.
It is the valley where clouds close in
Causing despair, unexplained pain within the soul
The hurt crushes our heart,
Our trust is frail and weak,
Silently we cry out;
Silently we weep.
The valley is where He wants you to look up
Keep the faith, God is near
Keep climbing the mountain of life's harshness.
He is your strength through many storms
Look up with believing trust.
Jesus' love never fails you.

Written by Paula Ann Woods
January 8, 2011
(A thought for strength in times of sadness)

God's Promise (more thoughts)

A promise made
Because of man's sin

A woman's sorrow
Pains of birth
Pierced and bruised
He shed his blood
A promise made
To save man's soul
From the beginning
To the end of time
A promise made
A promise fulfilled
Accepting God's Son
For all He died.

Written Feb. 6, 2011

First Glance

First glance, first embrace
When love is young life is forever
Freshness of loves, first embrace
When love is young
Smiles upon your face
Sunbeams dance among the trees
When love's kisses
Touch one's lips
Stars in your eyes
Sparkling full of love
Warm carresses of your love's embrace
Whispers of sweet words
Announcing your pledge for each other.